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Montblanc | On the Move

Montblanc has unveiled a new cross-category collection that addresses different aspects of mobility, inspiring people to leave their mark by moving through life with purpose and style.

Ever since its early beginnings, as the world discovered new and faster ways to move from one place to another, the brand has crafted products intended to be used on-the-go. In many cases, it has developed advanced new technologies to ensure its products remain functional while traveling, such as its innovative fountain pens and durable leather accessories. With its On The Move cross-category collection, Montblanc is articulating a new vision of mobility for today.

Connected to its own mission of inspiring people to leave their mark by following their own path to success, the collection is made up of products that encourage and facilitate movement, ultimately reminding people that the way they choose to move inspires the mark they make on the world.

Featuring writing instruments, leather goods, connected technologies and timepieces, the collection reflects Montblanc’s commitment to inspire people to leave their mark by moving with purpose, accompanied by products that deliver on function and style. Incorporating advanced techniques in craftsmanship and new technology, each product addresses different aspects of mobility.

Published on 2022-09-20