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Vacheron Constantin | One of Not Many Mentorship Program

Shakira Alleyne & Woodkid

The One of Not Many Mentorship Program, which provides young artists with valuable advice from music production experts, continues with a second artist, Shakira Alleyne. She joins up-and-coming talent Ewan J. Phillips to receive guidance from world-renowned French musician and art director Woodkid and record a track at the iconic Abbey Road London studios.

For Vacheron Constantin, the sharing of knowledge and the transmission of know-how are values inherent to its watchmaking profession. In line with this principle, the company has set up the One of Not Many Mentorship Program. First implemented in the Middle East in the context of support for the creation of businesses for Emirati women, the programme was followed by a creative collaboration between the watchmaking house and the legendary Abbey Road Studios, with a focus on young, unlabelled talent on the music scene. The programme set up allows artists to benefit from precious advice for recording a track from their repertoire in the London studios. The chosen track is then pressed onto vinyl and released on music platforms in a digital format.

Published on 2022-11-07