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The case, dial, hands and bracelet add the finishing touch to the watch.

Whether the case is made of gold, steel, platinum, plastic, ceramics, titanium and the bracelet of leather, rubber or fabric, with a dial that is pierced or decorated with gemstones, the possible combinations are almost infinite.

Here again, quality and precision are of the essence. The requirements for the manufacture of these components are as exacting as those which apply to the other production phases. More often than not, the tolerances are fixed to one thousandth of a millimetre.

In general, metal cases are made from rough pre-formed blanks in the case of precious metals or from rolled steel bars. Turning, milling and piercing with CNC machines enable the horns of the bracelet to be adjusted and casing up circles made to accommodate the pushpieces and crown. The dimensions are then checked and the surfaces finished by hand: elimination of traces of machining, chamfering, polishing, fine-brushing, sand-blasting and so forth. The manufacturing process ends with many technical and aesthetic tests. Depending on the model, engraved or enamelled décors or even gemstones add the final touch to the aesthetics of the individual piece.