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Swiss made watches are one of the rare industrial products whose provenance is protected

Few industrial products in the world have a protected geographical indication. Swiss watches can therefore boast a prestigious label.

The Swiss made label for watches is established by law

A federal ordinance specifies the criteria allowing use of the name “Swiss” for watches. Following a decision by the Swiss parliament, the criteria governing the use of Swiss indications were strengthened on January 1st, 2017.

Swiss made watches must be manufactured in Switzerland

The Swiss watch industry is concentrated on a small geographical territory, forming a very close-knit industrial and artisanal fabric. Every day more than 600 Swiss firms, employing nearly 60,000 people, deploy their unique skills.

Swiss made for the watch industry guarantees a unique added value

A Swiss timepiece is not only a beautiful object, but also the assurance of irreproachable quality derived from a savoir-faire which combines tradition and innovation.


A geographical indication is a sign used on products which have a precise geographical origin and possess qualities or enjoy familiarity due precisely to that place of origin. This indication is therefore firmly bound up with expertise or tradition identifiable and attributable to the characteristics of the place of origin.


Often envied and unfortunately also used without authorisation, Swiss and Swiss made are key references for the watch industry across the world. They must therefore enjoy effective protection in the interest of consumers and of the industry alike.